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Touch gloves

  • Author:Abby
  • Release on :2014-09-02

It is time to purchase the winter products for the coming winter,It is too late to purchase it when the winter come.

If you need to wear gloves to keep your hand warm,why don't you chose the touch screen gloves,which is have keep warm function,and also have the touch screen function,let you use your smart phone,ipad and other touch screen devices easily without taking off your gloves.
Touch screen gloves is a kind of special gloves that can handle electronic touch screen products in the winter.It integrates technology with the keep warm skill.The touch screen glove can apply to the notebook computer writing pad and touchpad mouse .And is also suitable for ATM machine, subway self-service ticketing machine and other terminal touch screen devices.You can keep your hands warm in the cold weather and at the same time easy to play your favourite electronic product.

The fingertip of the touch screen gloves had added special thermally       conductive fiber that can conduct human bioelectricity and harmless ,not irritating effent to human body. The fingertips of the glcves are make of special fiber texture which are soft, the touch screen will not cause any scratches.