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Bluetooth Gloves: Because Even Talking Into Your Hand Looks Less Stupid Than an Earpiece

  • Author:Fran
  • Release on:2014-08-29

This winter, take a phone call without taking off your gloves! The rechargeable Bluetooth Unisex Gloves conceal a speaker in the thumb and a microphone in the wrist. Just make the “call me” hand gesture, and you’re all set to chat for up to 12 hours on a full charge. Capacitive technology lets you control your device’s touchscreen through the thumbs and index fingers. Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, Includes matching right glove. Charges via Micro USB with included cable.

 Anyway, while we like the convenience a Bluetooth headset promises, many of us don’t want to be “that guy” or “that girl” who appears like an arrogant jerk while talking on one in public.  So as a happy (yet comical) compromise, this Bluetooth is created glove that allows you make and take calls while you pantomime the classic ‘call me’ gesture popular in bars, clubs, and LAN parties (at least the LAST example :OS-BT001  Bluetooth Talking And Acrylic Rechargeable Bluetooth Touch  Gloves  For Smart Phones.The gloves use bluetooth to connect to your phone and then talk with each other just using your hand.)